Working With Paxton

The people at Paxton get things done. We are committed to the safety of our employees – our utmost priority – and we encourage innovative thinking to help us identify new and better ways to do things in all areas of our business.

We focus on ensuring our employees have the knowledge of our products that is unparalleled in the industry.

Never standing still, we also understand that our customers’ needs change and we look to continue to grow with our customers and meet their needs for new and innovative products.

Paxton is a great company to invest your career with. As a Frank Paxton employee, you have the opportunity to develop your career within our company. Our promote-from-within culture gives those who are passionate, the opportunity for on-the-job training and career advancement, and means many talented people spend their entire careers with us.

Careers at Frank Paxton Lumber Company

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Since 1914 The Frank Paxton Lumber Company name has been synonymous with quality, service and value.

We are a manufacturer, importer and niche distributor of premium hardwood lumber, millwork and architectural sheet goods.

Each of our facilities manufactures custom architectural millwork and mouldings, and our extensive network of industry relationships enables Frank Paxton Lumber Company to import or source wood products worldwide, reflecting the company as an industry leader.

As a consultant to our customers, Frank Paxton Lumber Company provides solutions and options in a timely and competitively priced manner. We match your needs with the best fit solution while maximizing your value, all with fast turn-around time for delivery. Our team of professionals pull together to uphold the legacy that is Frank Paxton Lumber Company,” take care of the customer and give them what they expect and deserve”.

As a high quality manufacturer and distributor Frank Paxton Lumber Company promotes strong stewardship practices and purchases ethically manufactured products from timberlands supporting best forestry management practices and sustainable yield harvests.

From the forest to the customer, Frank Paxton Lumber Company cares about the products we provide and the customers we service.

Social Responsibility and Sustainability is important to us.   Global and local communities vastly benefit from well managed forests, and we understand that the decisions we make in how we conduct our business and where we source products, also implies a social and economic responsibility to the people and communities that live in those regions. For this reason, we ask that our foreign manufacturers supply us a statement of compliance with all government regulations regarding fair wages and labor unions’ rights to collective bargaining, as well as contribute to the laborer’s social insurance benefit programs as enforced by their local governments.

Frank Paxton’s Chain of Custody Certification allows us to offer lumber (based on availability) as:

  • FSC 100%
  • FSC Mix

The Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC) is a non-profit organization committed to encouraging the responsible management of the world’s forests. To be FSC Certified means that your product has followed a specific and transparent procedure from the forest to the Paxton locations.

To be FSC Certified means you can:

  • Be confident about the source of the material.
  • Be confident that the material is third party audited.
  • Be confident it helps to promote further supplies of accredited material.
  • Be sure it results in future resources for future generations.
  • Be confident that Frank Paxton Lumber Company will continue to support forestry initiatives.

The FSC program is the only certified wood system accepted by LEED for New Construction Credit.

We share the values of our parent company:

Integrity, our organization and every employee within are accountable to the highest standard of integrity in all decisions made and actions taken.

Fairness, we practice open and honest communications with our stakeholders, we treat everyone with respect and dignity.

People,the source of our competitive advantage, we attract, train and retain the best people and offer a career of opportunity to our employees.

Passion for success, we create, we innovate, constantly setting the bar higher for continuous improvement.

We understand that the strength of our business is directly related to the power and commitment of our people. We offer regionally competitive full health and wellness benefit packages and employee support services. We take pride in working hard to support and care for our people. We understand that by investing in our people both personally and professionally, we are investing in our company’s success.