What you Buy is What you Get… not 7% Less

In our business, one learns quickly that “grade x” from one company can be different from “grade x” from another. The need to compare “apples to apples” is essential.We follow the National Hardwood Lumber and Plywood Grade Standards. It’s not a comprehensive grade guide because rules vary depending on the species, but it can be used to compare our products with our competitors. If you have specific grading questions, please consult with your Paxton Sales Representative.

Grade is only one component to consider when you are ready to purchase hardwood lumber. The method of tally should also be discussed with your supplier. When comparing a “net” quote to a “gross/green” quote, a 7% disparity is represented by the different methods of tally. When drying, hardwood lumber will shrink 7% on average and is thus misrepresented in a gross tally quotation because it is tallied pior to the kiln drying process. A net tally is calculated after kiln drying and is a more accurate measure of the load. We recommend you insist on receiving net tally quotes from all of your hardwood lumber suppliers.

* We can accommodate gross tally quotations upon customer request.