Echo Wood Veneers

    Echo Wood, reconstituted real wood veneer provides endless opportunities to create the look of rare and common wood.

    Using computer-aided design technology, we manipulate common and certified wood fiber to reproduce the natural appearance of nearly any wood species. This environmentally responsible alternative produces architectural veneers that are defect-free and consistent in color and grain, time and time again.

    • The entire collection of Echo Wood engineered veneer is available FSC certified.
    • All patterns meet or exceed the California Air Resources Board standard for formaldehyde emissions.
    • Laid up on qualifying substrates can offer LEED® credit support for MR4, 5, 7 &IEQ 4.4.
    • Defect-free panels offer maximum yield and minimize waste.
    • Only water based dyes are used containing no harmful heavy metals.
    • 100% of the harvested wood fiber is used in the production of Echo Wood.
    • The use of Echo Wood preserves rare and exotic trees for future generations.
    • Echo Wood veneer and edge tape are stocked in the USA for immediate access anywhere in North America or around the world.
    • Stocking patterns are available in composed oversized veneer 4 x 8’ and 4 x 10’.

    Backing options include:

    • Fleece backer
    • 10 and 20 mil flexible paper backer
    • 2 plyflexible wood backer
    • Duraback – flexible and moisture resistant
    • Fabric – flexible, wall paper backer
    • Phenolic – rigid, moisture resistant
    • Polyback – flexible, moisture resistant
    • PSA – Peel and Stick

    Most products can be prefinished and fire rated.

    • Matching wood edge tape is available for prompt shipment both 0.6mm and 2mm thickness x 22mm(7/8”) wide. Other thicknesses available upon request.
    • All patterns are available laminated to the core of your choice. Multiple thicknesses and core options are available, including recycled wood MDF, PBC and FSC platforms with NAF adhesives.

    Veneer Thickness: 0.6mm (0.02in)

    Veneer sizes Widths: 630mm and 1260mm (24.8in and 49.6in)

    Lengths: 2480mm and 3100mm (97.64in and 122.05in)

    Edge Tape Sizes 0.6mm x 20mm–300mm (0.02in x 0.79in–11.81in) 2mm x 20mm–300mm (0.08in x 0.79in–11.81in)

    All Echo Wood® veneers meet the California Air Resource Board Phase 2 (CARB2) requirements for formaldehyde emissions.