Composite Panels

Melamines, Foils, and Vinyls

All melamine, Foil, or Vinyl overlays are constructed at either a fully vertical integrated manufacturer or at a custom laminator. The fully integrated manufacturer controls the manufacturing of the sheet from start to finish. In other words, they are the manufacturer of the substrate, whether be it particleboard or fiberboard, as well as the manufacturer of the overlay material including the treatment of the papers or vinyl, as well as the overlaying or pressing of the paper or vinyl, to the substrate. Some of the larger manufacturers, however, will purchase the overlay material and not manufacture it, and then apply the overlay to the substrate that was manufactured in house. The custom laminator will purchase both the overlay material and the substrate from outside sources providing only the pressing in the process.


Medium Density Fiber board, or MDF is a member of the hardboard family of products that are made from wood fibers glued together under heat and pressure. It is dense, flat, smooth, free of knots, and machines very easily. The fibers used in creating an MDF panel are fine and small, making for a dimensionally stable sheet with faces that are even and have no distinguishable grain patterns. This allows MDF to be drilled, machined, and/or filed with little or no damage to the surface. It is these same qualities that make MDF an ideal sheet good for painting on. It is an excellent material to use in paint grade shelving and displays. MDF is also used very commonly as a veneer and laminate substrate.


Melamine is a thermosetting plastic. It is strong, lightweight, and hard, making it an ideal laminate for particleboard and MDF substrates. Melamine is resistant to acids, alkalis, and most food stains, giving Melamine laminate boards an attractive and durable exterior appearance that is excellent in kitchen cabinet, countertop, and shelving applications.

Melamine laminate boards are versatile, and available in a variety of colors and dimensions. From pre-cut shelving to 5×12 panels, a rainbow of colors, and even faux wood finishes; Melamine is a cost effective, lasting, and easy to use product.

Particle Board

Particle Board is a structural panel made from wood fragments, such as chips or shavings, of various shapes and sizes. These chips or shavings are mechanically pressed into sheet form and bonded together with resin. Particle board is typically used in building applications and is a cost effective material for build up under flooring and counter tops (in dry locations). If properly veneered, Particle Board may also be used in cabinetry and furniture making.